Electronics we Accept

We accepts nearly everything that plugs into a computer or uses electricity Smart phones, tablets, e-readers, video game systems, whether or not it’s working. Any printers (including extra ink and toner), scanners, routers, UPS, digital cameras, PDAs, cell phones, and a whole lot more! free and convenient recycling of computers, monitors, and televisions, If you have more than 7 of these items, please call ahead to determine if we will accept the additional computers, monitors, or televisions. Also, if you will be bringing in pallet-loads of equipment (or a U-Haul full), Please call ahead to set up an appointment to verify what we are able to accept it. 1-630-277-9018
Smart phones and Tablets
Functional laminator
Phillips head screwdrivers
Wire cutters and cable cutters
Stardrivers (Torx) size T20 and smaller
Powerdrivers w/rechargers
Needlenose pliers
Cleaning supplies (especially dish soap, sponges, trash bags and ecofriendly cleaning products like Simple Green)
First aid supplies (bandages!)
Rubber bands
Printer paper (8.5″x11″, suitable for laser printers)
Toilet paper
Food (snacks, juice, chocolate)
Tape (packing, masking, duct)
Shop carts
White board (roughly 8”x11”)
Smoke Detectors
Household Appliances (including air conditioners)
Fluorescent Light Bulbs
Microwave Ovens
A/V Gizmo
LCD monitors
Keyboards and Mice
Networking Devices
Fax Machines
Telephones, including Cell Phones
Stereo Components

Electronic Waste Recycling Drop Off – Computer Recycler Disposal and Donation Collection Center – Plainfield, IL Illinois in Will County, Dupage County, Kane, Kendall And Grundy County.
Did you know that safe, secure and FREE used electronic recycling Computer Equipment center location is available in Aurora, Naperville, Bolingbrook, Plainfield, il, Illinois? CALL US RIGHT NOW… 1-630-277-9018